Importance of Feedback in the Workplace

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Oct 30, 2018

advice-advise-advisor-7075Feedback is the information shared with a fellow colleague or a group or organization about their performance related to a task or a group of tasks. It is a very powerful tool that helps the organizations as well as all the employees to improve, learn new things and grow in their career.

Every organization whether big or small should make a proper strategy to regularly give and receive feedback within the organization. This will lead the companies to experience a well-engaged workforce and more productive years ahead. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that make the feedback important in the workplace:

· Motivates employees and help them to do their best
According to Harvard Business Review, 72% of the employees believed that their performance will improve if their managers provide honest feedback to them.
Employees not only want a pat on their back from the manager on performing good rather want to hear answers to these questions to improve:

o What can I change or improve?

o How can I be better? And much more.

So, providing honest feedback to the employees is very important.

· Elevates employee-engagement
Providing the employees with regular feedback will enable them to work on the areas they lack in and grow professionally. It increases the openness between the employee and the management and when done in the right way leads to motivate the staff to consistently perform better.

· Enables you to make better decisions
Getting feedback regularly from the employees unlocks what all is happening at every level within the organization. Being well familiar with the ongoing processes in the organization will enable you as a leader to make more informed decisions for the benefit of the company.

· Polish your skills and works as a tool for continued learning
Feedback is a tool that helps both the employees and the seniors to grow in their respective professions. Not everybody is always right and a good feedback helps the individual to accept this reality and work upon it to grow professionally. Constructive feedback to employees will give them an opportunity to learn and grow whereas a feedback for the leader will help him or her to improvise the policies within the organization and reach new heights.

· Makes you a better leader
Hearing honest feedback from the employees is the easiest and fastest way to improve as a leader. The employees feel the more the feedback they receive from the manager, the better he/ she is as knowing their perspective helps you learn, grow and overcome all the shortcomings as a leader. Even the company values a leader who is open to give feedback to its employees and accept the same from them.

Giving feedback to the employees is an essential part of you being their mentor for their personal and professional development. Without acknowledging what they are doing right and what not so right, they will never improve and know what your expectations are from them as an employee. So, don’t delay and begin with your feedback strategy in the organization.

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