Interesting Employee Engagement Stats to Consider in 2019

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Jan 28, 2019


If a company is achieving its targets on time and is in profit, then it is natural to assume that all your employees are highly engaged at work. While this might be true employee-engagement has a significant impact on the overall performance of a company or an organization. Check out a few surprising employee engagement statistics that are worth a read.

1. A study done by shows that 58% of managers have confessed that they haven’t received any professional management training. Isn’t it shocking?? Yes, it is but, it is the truth. Most managers get promoted because they are good at their work and not because they are capable of helping their employees grow.


2. Gallup’s State of the American Workforce report contains responses from approximately 195,000 American employees from different industries. It states that about 16% of all employees are highly disengaged and 51% of the employees work and are just there. These 51 % of the employees are actively looking for better opportunities while working with their current employers. These stats definitely should be a matter of concern for all companies.


3. Most employers believe that their employees leave their jobs because they want more money. However, unfortunately, stats show that only 12% of the employees leave their job because of monetary reasons.


4. A study done globally has revealed that 79% of employees quit their jobs because of a lack of appreciation. The importance of appreciation, rewards and incentives in the workplaces is now unknown anymore. Bosses should appreciate the efforts that their employees put in to achieve the set goals. When employees feel appreciated, they feel connected to the company, and this reduces the number of employees leaving the company.


5. According to the research published by Business2Community, organizations that have a higher number of engaged workers outperform the companies with low employee engagement rate by 202%. This percentage should be enough to motivate employers to take care of their employees in every possible way.

Various researches have been conducted now and then to bring in notice the drop in employee-engagement rates within the organizations. Considering these numbers, it is clear that the only thing that can improve these is the “change within the organizations”. This change can only be brought about by paying undivided attention to employee perks and efficient reward and recognition programs.

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