5 Ways to Implement Promotional Incentives

By Benefit One USA, Inc. Apr 02, 2018

Ways to Implement Promotional Incentives
Incentives work as the best motivating factor in engaging employees and motivating them to work hard. A promotional incentive is the type of incentive which is given to the partners who collaborate with a company to bring in sales. Having maximum sales is the dream of every company. But, in this highly competitive time, achieving it is quite a difficult and tricky task.

Lead generation is totally in the hands of sales team as they are the ones who converse with the potential clients and sell company’s products or services. So, it is important that they remain highly motivated, optimistic and energetic while working. Rewards and Incentives work as a great motivating factor in motivating the employees. Promotional incentives have proved to be successful in increasing the employee engagement. Importance of promotional incentives is not unknown for organizations that are successful today. Let’s take a look at the ways you can implement the same in your organization to generate more leads:

  • Set Goals
    The very first thing that is helpful in effectively implementing promotional incentive is setting up of goals to be achieved within a certain time limit. These goals can be short-term and even 1 day goals. The achiever should be rewarded with a unique gift.
  • Think Different
    While incentivizing the stellar sales team, it is important to gift them something which is important to them and has an impact on them for a longer period of time. Like, a family dinner booking, gym reimbursement, free parking service etc. may make employees happy and motivate them to work hard.
  • Incentives from within the Team
    You can even ask employees and managers to show appreciation towards the stellar employee every month. Keeping this task a secret and incentivizing the winning employee with a gift may help making the particular employee feel motivated. This will also improve the working culture.
  • Be Consistent
    Studies have shown that the companies which adapt the culture of reward and incentives have a highly motivated and loyal employees. So, these rewards and incentives should be regularly brought into force to increase employee engagement and sales.
  • Go for Point-based Incentive System
    As, promotional incentives are sometimes short-term even, so crediting the winner points instead of physical cash and gifts is a good and budget-friendly option. This will help you set any number of short-term and long-term goals. Point-based incentives have proved to work effectively as compared to cash-based incentives.

In essence, Promotional Incentives brings in the best out of potential employees and increase their productivity. It is very important for every company to keep them highly motivated and encouraged to perform better.

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